The what and why of big data Causality

We increase profitability, safety and efficiency

BDC’s CAUSAL ENGINE stems from the genius of Dr John Galloway AM, the “godfather of data analytics” (Australian Financial Review). 

Our focus at BDC is to partner with our clients to identify and unlock the true hidden value contained in their data, the CAUSAL DRIVERS. 


Our technology has been implemented by world leading organisations including the FBI, CIA, MI5, Macquarie Bank, New South Wales Health, Oil and Gas companies and many more.

Our algorithms and software are agnostic and can be applied equally across any industry.  These include oil and gas, mining, electricity, banking, construction, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, agriculture and government instrumentalities responsible for policy implementation and evaluation.  Any industry where data analytics can be applied NEEDS to be conducting true CAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS to get maximum and meaningful value from their data.

BDC’S technology finds the known and unknown root Cause and Effect relationships, not just simple correlations which others CLAIM to be Causal.  

 In essence, we take you far beyond diagnostic and descriptive analysis that virtually all other analytic solutions gives you.  Our technology advances you into CAUSATION AND PREDICTION. 

Our Causal Engine is a robust and rigorously tested tool for our client.  We have designed our algorithms to run a random sequencing, non linear, real life test on itself 50 TIMES to validate our findings.  If a Causal Driver is still apparent, you can be sure it comes with a high confidence level.   

Without implementing Causality into your data analytics, you are potentially leaving revenue, safety factors and efficiencies on the table.

The minds powering Big Data Causality


John Galloway, PhD AM – Founder

Dr. Galloway is the author of Node And Link Analysis Theory. This has become an important element of a broader discipline known as Complexity Theory.

Complexity Science examines the way small, local actions self-organise into patterns and embraces Chaos Theory, with its notion of prediction from seemingly random patterns of activity.

Dr. Galloway co-founded the Complex Systems Research Centre at the University of Technology, Sydney

John is an Adjunct Professor of the School of Computing, Engineering & Mathematics at Western Sydney University

  • Dr Galloway has been engaged by the world’s top intelligence agencies including the MI5, FBI, CIA, the Mossad, ASIO, AFP.
  • His skills have been sought by Telstra, E Health, the US Insurance Industry and Oil and Gas companies amongst others.
  • Due to his achievements and abilities he has been invited to the Pentagon.
  • Awarded an AM (Member of the Order of Australia) in 2015 for contributions to Australia in data science and data analytics, for: “significant service to technological science, particularly to complex systems/causality and cybernetics.”
  • Former Director and Co-Founder of the Complex Systems Research Centre, University of Technology, Sydney.
  • He has been referred to as “the Godfather of Data Analytics” and a “National Treasure”

Additional Expertise

BDC is aligned with the top universities in Sydney, we are able access the smartest Professors and the brightest PhD minds in the fields of mathematics, data analytics, AI and ML.

We purpose build research teams for each organisations project this allows to leverage domain knowledge with the expertise of Dr John Galloway and BDC causal engine,


“With world data tripling by 2025 and Health making up 30% of that, Causal Analysis fits like a hand in a glove and is where we (the health system) have to get to as fast as possible”

Professor Paul M Middleton
Director, South Western Emergency Research Institute, Ingham Institute | Chief Medical Information Officer, SWSLHD
Conjoint Professor, South Western Sydney Clinical School, University of New South Wales


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