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data analytics

Big Data Causality (BDC) is a world leading Causal Data Analytics company finding the cause and effect drivers hidden in your data. 

Co-founded by world leading data scientist, Dr John Galloway AM, BDC’s proven, breakthrough algorithms have been scientifically verified and can potentially provide your company with the ability to extract the very best from your data. 


Dr Galloway AM has been engaged by the FBI, CIA, MI5, Mossad, Telstra, AFP, ASIO, US Insurance Industry and more. He is ably backed up by a highly qualified team of data scientists, Professors of Mathematics and Computing and relevant PhD majors.

Proprietary Software
Proprietary Software

BDC's algorithms are truly unique and have had incredible success across a multitude of industries. Criminology, Fraud, Oil and Gas, Mining, Banking, Health and more.

World leaders in Causal Analytics

Verified Unique Algorithms

BDC's causal engine has been mathematically verified by leading professors and scientists. Our unique technology is a breakthrough in non linear Causal Data analysis. We take you beyond pie charts and graphs and get to the source of what causes what.

Proven Use

BDC's technology has a proven track record of delivering incredible value across a multitude of industries. Our results increase revenue, lead to better safety and create efficiencies. Ultimately, our case studies are the proof of better business and social outcomes. Please go to our "Case Studies" page or click on them below to discover more.

Preventative and Predictive Analysis

Implementing our Causal Engine allows a business leader, government agency or company to begin to get ahead of issues before they happen. We open up a world which unlocks the true value in your data, predicting outcomes and developing preventative measures before problems arise.

Proven Case Studies

What the Experts Say

Professor Simeon Simoff, Dean School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney University

“In twenty plus years I have been undertaking substantial research (e.g. over 300 publications) and been fortunate to supervise the research of many others, this innovation has application potentially wherever a business or government enterprise has reliance upon systems that perform monitoring and analysis of data, real-time or historical.

I consider this a major breakthrough. It is a potential game changer in data causality research that has truly global implications for a range of industry sectors and government.

We have here a major practical breakthrough. This will assist data science and analytics, and therefore data-based decision making, to be less risky and therefore enable enterprises to make more accurate, timely and less costly decisions.”